COBA Children’s Dance & Drumming Program

COBA, Collective of Black Artists, offers high quality dance training that is supported by a legacy of African history. Our Children's Dance and Drumming Program (CCDDP) provides children three years and up with a solid foundation in dance forms that range from Traditional West African, Caribbean Folk, Modern/Contemporary, Hip Hop, Ballet (non-syllabus), along with drumming and vocal chanting. Students are placed in one of 6 program course levels depending on their age and previous dance experience. An informal placement audition may be required for students coming from other dance programs.

Pre-Dance 1 (ages 3-5)

Prepares children (ages 3-5) for future dance training. Students learn the ABC's of dance: five basic positions of ballet, gallops, skips, and jumps, patterning and coordination skills.

Pre-Dance 2 (ages 5+)

Builds on dance basics established in Pre-Dance 1 with the addition of plies, barre work and traditional African movement concepts.

Dance 1 Level 1 (ages 5+)

An introduction to the technique and movement elements of Ballet, Modern, African and Caribbean dance.

Dance 1 Level 2 (ages 6+)

For students (ages 6+) exhibiting a competent level of technical skill in all movement styles and performance. Drumming is introduced at this level.

Dance 2 (Ages 8+)

An intense program that offers detailed explorations in all movement styles and drumming.

Dance 3 (Ages 13+)

Demands a high level of skill in dance & drumming technique, exercise memory, dance history and performance.

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